The DocPreneur Program | For Investors, Businesses & Consultants Needing Additional Industry Insight.


We are contacted on a regular basis by investment firms, industry intelligence and research gathering consultants and businesses considering the Concierge Medical industry as a potential vertical for their service(s) or products. That’s where institutional expertise and related industry knowledge comes in handy. Got questions, schedule a call with one of our industry experts … to learn more call, 770-455-1650 or visit

In 2014, we created a network of physicians, attorney’s, consultants and industry experts to help provide factual knowledge about this growing sector in our American healthcare economy. That’s why we create our Mentor/Coaching Hour(s) arm appropriately entitled “The DocPreneur Institute.”

WHO Uses a DocPreneur Institute (DPI) COACH?

  • Physicians
  • Specialists
  • RNs
  • FNPs
  • PAs
  • NPs
  • Investment Companies
  • Research Foundations
  • Startup Service Solution Providers
  • And More.

WHAT EXPERTISE Does DPI Specialize In Providing?

  • Concierge Medicine Industry Expertise, Research and News
  • Membership Medicine Offerings
  • Direct Primary Care
  • Research and Data Assimilation (related to the above) I.e. Salaries, Trends, Insurance Participation, Locations, Patient Demographics, Marketing, Business Development Strategies, Startup Financing and More.

The DocPreneur Institute (DPI) was launched to give physicians access to objective and experienced mentors who can answer their questions, provide feedback, insight and guidance as they evaluate starting a medical practice, growing a local clinic, hiring staff, marketing, learning about starting a Concierge Medicine Practice; Private-Pay/Membership Medicine Service Solution inside a traditional practice; create a Direct Primary Care (DPC) business plan and payment model, or determining which business relationships your practice should have with payors.

doctors guide book concierge mentor mediciineThe DPI Approach

Docpreneur Institute (DPI) Mentors provide expertise in the following four Verticales:

  • Startup Considerations
  • Finding New Patients
  • Funding Options for Your Practice
  • Working with Insurance
  • Hiring Options
  • Business Expertise
  • Use of Technology & Trends
  • Marketing and Local Branding Strategies
  • Management and Operations

We understand that not all of your questions may be answered. In that event, we do offer discount Mentor Meeting rates for current DPI users. Because DPIs network is vast and well-connected with a lot of healthcare and business industry insiders, experts and successful physicians who want to share what they’ve learned with others, DPI can easily connect you with additional Mentors that can provide insight and additional information to you from a State and local perspective.

About The DocPreneur Institute, It’s Origins and Mission, Values and Vision


Someone who invests time and attention into your life? Someone who answers your questions and shares what he or she has learned from experience?

docpreneur coachIt seems like so many people try to go it alone these days.

They figure things out on their own, DIY-ing how to solve problems and grow in their knowledge and insight about a particular subject matter. However, because of this piecemealing, doctors (and their staff) spend a lot of time “reinventing the wheel” and learning from their own personal experiences – of both success and failure.

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