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“The need for a broad, sweeping education and public awareness advocate with the right message to arise is now,” says Tetreault. “Our efforts [The Collective and Concierge Medicine Today] over the past several years in various local and metropolitan markets are showing consumers the efficacy, value and health benefits these [concierge and direct care medicine] doctors provide on a daily basis. We ask the questions everyone wants to know but no one is asking. We’re removing obstacles through education and addressing myths with truth. Our actions reflect our goal to ramp up education, growth and awareness of this industry now more than ever. This means a greater investment in the industry, individual practices, marketing, strategy and public education will occur. We believe that there’s absolutely no reason why patients, if properly and professionally educated and when shown the facts, cannot see the vast economical benefits and value through healthcare provided by a relationship-oriented and wellness-focused doctor.”

Our resources, journals, websites, books, resources, partnerships, social media channels, print products and mobile app offers brands the opportunity to deliver targeted messaging within relevant content at digital points of presence. CMT’s cross media offerings include integrated display advertising solutions for brands and healthcare business professionals to deliver their marketing messages. With thousands of unique visitors every month, our organizations have become the leading digital resource for timely, trusted health news and concierge medical information.

We value and need your support to continue our research, reporting, public relations and educational efforts in the marketplace. You’re assistance in the past has placed our concierge medicine and direct care efforts in places such as: The Wall Street Journal (Nov. 2013); MarketWatch (Nov. 2013); American Public Media’s, Marketplace® (July 2013); More Magazine (Oct. 2012); NPR®; USA Today; Bloomberg News; Becker’s Hospital Review; Town and Country Magazine (Nov. 2011); Fox Business Network (March 2011); Reuters; Gannett; The Chicago Tribune; CBS Money Watch; The American General; Fox Sports Net; Atlanta Business Chronicle; Dallas Business Chronicle; KERA Radio; and others.

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