Coaching and Mentors

The Help You Need When You need It.

Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care Business Coaches/Mentors can guide you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

concierge medicine mentor coachMaybe you’re in the middle of a tough business or financial situation at your medical practice right now, or you’re dealing with group medical practice issues and emotions you never thought you would have to experience. If you are struggling to make your medical practice work, need someone to tell tell you there is a better way to practice medicine and actually has the knowledge and the business acument to help you answer your tough questions, our coach can help.

This is personal, one-on-one coaching with one of The Collective’s highly qualified experts or partners who will help you develop a specific business plan to meet your individual medical practice needs.

We have a network of coaches that know how to get results. Whether you are fresh out of medical school, working through a difficult medical practice problem or ready for retirement, The Collective’s network of concierge medicine and direct primary care mentors and coaches can discuss with you your needs and provide nonbiased information and guidance you can trust. They will give you sound advice — without any sales pitch for financial reward.


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