Business INSIGHT: Anatomy of a Concierge Doctor (INFOGRAPHIC)

anatomy of concierge doctor

Click Here To Purchase The Entire Infographic | Data Collected by Concierge Medicine Today Jan. 1, 2015- Dec. 31, 2015.

APRIL 2016 | Concierge Medicine | Qualities of a Concierge Doctor | Industry Insight

Through our work around the country and the community of Concierge Medicine Doctors we have created a unique INFOGRAPHIC about the business qualities, inside-the-practice trends and more of a Concierge Doctor in 2016.  We have fresh surveys, interviews and LIVE/active current polling data on a number of performance metrics, including business models, location analytics, seasonal patient volumes, revenue cycle management, pricing, patient demographics and legal structures.

For example, did you know that most Concierge Doctors across the U.S. wake up at 7am? Did you know that the most common phone call Concierge Doctors receive is related to Prescription Renewals and Cold/Flu Symptoms? Many still accept insurance and participate in Medicare. Learn more by acquiring this infographic today!


Source: Concierge Medicine Today, LLC | A Publication of DocPreneur Press, a publishing company.


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