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The Doctor’s Guide To CONCIERGE MEDICINE and Direct Primary Care: Essential Startup Steps For Doctors Considering A Career Transition.

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NEW RELEASE | Whether you’re the owner of an existing medical practice or looking for guidance and advice to start your own concierge medicine or cash-based practice, The Doctor’s Guide To Concierge Medicine helps you discover an old-fashioned delivery model of medicine in a modern economy. It will help you follow important steps required for conducting business, set realistic expectations and grow your practice by following in the steps and advice relayed directly to us by physicians across the country over the past decade.

What You’ll Learn In This Book: Physician expertise shared by over two dozen successful industry leading Concierge Medicine doctors and Direct Primary Care physicians; Advice on choosing the right business model; Legal information to help you play by the rule; Guidance on business planning and launch; Hints for effective patient communication and proven strategies to acquire new patients; Marketplace research; latest policy updates and so much more!

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Modern Clinic Design: Strategies for an Era of Change 1st Edition

Written by Christine Guzzo Vickery (Editor), Gary Nyberg (Editor), Douglas Whiteaker (Editor) — Hardcover | Kindle Edition — Shift Clinic design to keep pace with the evolving healthcare industry Modern Clinic Design: Strategies for an Era of Change is a comprehensive guide to optimizing patient experience through the design of the built environment. Written by a team of veteran healthcare interior designers, architects, and engineers, this book addresses the impacts of evolving legislation, changing technologies, and emerging nontraditional clinic models on clinic design, and illustrates effective design strategies for any type of clinic. Readers will find innovative ideas about lean design, design for flexibility, and the use of mock-ups to prototype space plans within a clinic setting, and diagrammed examples including waiting rooms, registration desks, and exam rooms that demonstrate how these ideas are applied to real-world projects. Spurred on by recent healthcare legislation and new technological developments, clinics can now offer a greater variety of services in a greater variety of locations.

Designers not only need to know the different requirements for each of these spaces, but also understand how certain design strategies affect the patient’s experience in the space. This book explores all aspects of clinic design, and describes how aesthetics and functionality can merge to provide a positive experience for patients, staff, and healthcare providers. * Understand how recent industry developments impact facility design * Learn how design strategies can help create a positive patient experience * Examine emerging clinic models that are becoming increasingly prevalent * Analyze the impact of technology on clinic design A well-designed clinic is essential for the well-being of the patients and health care providers that occupy the space every day. The healthcare industry is shifting, and the healthcare design industry must shift with it to continue producing spaces that are relevant to ever-evolving patient and worker needs. For complete guidance toward the role of design, Modern Clinic Design is a thorough, practical reference.

the marketing md book 9“The Marketing MD” (Ranked #12 on Kindle Bestseller List in Medical Resources)

Paperback | Kindle Edition — The difference between good and great is subtle. But what exactly are all of the great medical offices doing? Where are they doing it? In what order?


“The Patient Will See You Now: The Future of Medicine is in Your Hands” by Eric Topol, MDPaperback | Kindle Edition — In this new era, patients will control their data and be emancipated from a paternalistic medical regime in which “the doctor knows best.” Mobile phones, apps, and attachments will literally put the lab and the ICU in our pockets. The Patient Will See You Now is essential reading for anyone who thinks they deserve better health care. That is, for all of us.

“Membership Medicine Staffing Guide” by Michael TetreaultWHITE PAPER Download — When you hire someone for a role in your medical practice, you can’t forget that you’re also hiring him or her to be a brand ambassador. Their interactions with patients and local medical offices may sometimes be the only impression your practice will ever have to leave them with — so you must ensure it counts.

free dpc book“2015 Edition of The DPC Consumer/Patient Guide” by Catherine Sykes (Ranked #52 on Kindle Bestseller List in Medical Resources)Paperback | Kindle Edition — Direct Primary Care (DPC) doctors/offices usually offer monthly care fees which are not reimbursable by any health insurance company, and may not be applied to any insurance plan deductible. Your insurance plan may be billed by others for services such as emergency, hospital, specialty care, laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging, prescription drugs or other goods and services that are ordered by your DPC doctor/office health care provider but are not performed or provided in their offices.

branding concierge medicine tetreault“Branding Concierge Medicine” by Michael Tetreault — Paperback | Kindle Edition — This book is a best-seller in its class! The book explores the popularity of concierge medicine across the U.S. and examines recent data and surveys inside these medical practices – showing how exactly they are growing and why. Tetreault also outlines the specific marketing and branding strategies being used, both online and offline and how each concierge medical practice can follow six simple rules to reinforce and communicate their brand in their local community.

Everything you, your staff and patients need to know about Concierge Medicine, Direct-Pay Healthcare and more! Get prepared with these top-selling resource guides for only $25 (Reg. $65)

Everything you, your staff and patients need to know about Concierge Medicine, Direct-Pay Healthcare and more! Get prepared with these top-selling resource guides for only $25 (Reg. $65)

“The Six (6) Secrets of Self-Made Doctors” by Concierge Medicine TodayWHITE PAPER Download — From the onset, the idea of starting or even moving your medical practice into this marketplace seems inspiring but also intimidating. Scholars, physicians, business experts and venture capitalists say concierge medicine is a growing industry. But, as we’ve learned over the years, the best concierge [and direct-pay] doctors share a collection of characteristics, from the ability to tolerate risk, treating 5 to 9 patients per day, risking reputation over reward to passion and self-belief in a niche-industry.


“Direct Primary Care Consumer Guide: 2015 Edition” by Michael Tetreault and Catherine SykesPaperback | Kindle Edition — Learn the basics about this emerging healthcare delivery model in healthcare and revolutionizing the primary care physician office and forever changing the doctor-patient relationships.


“Concierge Medicine: A New System to Get the Best Healthcare” by Steven D. Knope, M.D.Paperback | Kindle Edition — Concierge doctors customize a nutrition and exercise program unique to the needs of each individual. Yet there are detractors who argue Concierge Medicine is unfair, because it allows just those who can afford it unlimited access to a doctor. Knope confronts that question of medical ethics also. This book will doubtless stimulate not only ideas and action, but wide discussion and debate.


“Facebook Marketing For Doctors” by Michael TetreaultPaperback | Kindle Edition — What business can’t afford to spend 20-minutes each day reaching out to current customers and their friends? In this book, Tetreault will walk you through some very basic steps that every business owner can do in just 20-minutes each day.

Free Whitepaper: Spend More Time With Your Patients

primed wpAuthor: PriMed | InLight EHR | 2015-2016

Learn About a Totally New Approach to Charting Designed to Enhance Physician Satisfaction

The problem-oriented approach associates all notes, medications, labs, etc. with the patient’s problem(s) as opposed to the traditional source-oriented approach of having separate lists of all notes, medications, labs, etc. for each patient.

Our FREE White Paper will tell you more about this exciting new approach to charting that directly addresses the roots of physician unhappiness solving issues like: 

  • Cognitive overload
  • Inability to complete charts during the patient visit



WHITE PAPER | Specialty Medicine | Discounts | Added Value Service | Business | Physician

specialty concierge careWhite Paper: Specialty Concierge Care and Direct-Pay Menu Pricing Lists Inside Membership Medicine Offices On This Rise

Written By Michael Tetreault, Editor

Unlike the high-end retainer-based practices that made the news a decade ago, most concierge care, membership medicine, and direct-pay physician practices cost less than $130 per month. But, when our team examined these practices a little deeper, looking at basic service offerings, etc., we learned that general primary care and visits to the practice for annual physical examinations are not enough to keep patients happy and coming back year after year.

DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER eBOOK NOW (Free, Of Course! — Limited Time)


BOOK: Media Relations | Newspaper | Public Relations | Growth | Physician

Media Training Guide For Concierge Doctors: 5 Steps To Better Publicity:

Written By Michael Tetreault, Editor

“The investment you will make into your community news and media outlets isn’t always monetary … the reward of your communication with us is trust, credibility and more qualified patient referrals who want what you’re offering. We’re looking for good stories … so give us some!” ~J.S., Journalist, Writer, Boston, MA

Successfully talking about your retainer-based or cash only medical practice to the media is no different from succeeding in any other part of your practice; it requires planning, strategy, hard work and allocation of resources. As our mission is to aid physicians in the professional education, public relations and awareness of this healthcare delivery mode, we’ve created for you and your staff a few helpful tips.

READ NOW … | Free (Limited Time) …


BOOK: Paperback | Patient Education | FAQs | Insurance | DPC

A Patient’s Guide To Concierge Medicine

In honor of JULY being the first ever "CONCIERGE MEDICINE AWARENESS MONTH" -- We're giving away FREE BOOKS !!! -- Get yours today ... "The Patient Guide To Concierge Medicine: 2015 Edition." --

We’re giving away FREE BOOKS !!! — Get yours today … “The Patient Guide To Concierge Medicine: 2015 Edition.” —

Concierge Medicine 101: Did you know that over 62% of concierge medicine fees cost less than $135/mo.? Nearly 80% of concierge doctors accept insurance. This information and more will help you uncover the benefits, value, services, cost and more about this old-fashioned form of healthcare available in our modern economy. It will even help you connect with a concierge medicine physician or fee-only doctor near you.

5-STAR-RATING-300x300“Learning a lot from this book. Concierge medicine sounds like a great way to go. Highly suggest this book for those confused about insurance.” ~Michele

This introductory guide to concierge medicine and direct primary care introduces you to the world of concierge medicine and direct primary care. It is the perfect starting point for anyone looking for a doctor who doesn’t have to actually look at a medical chart to know your name. Available and On Sale Now!

BULK Quantities Available … Click Here …
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Get Found | Get Viewed | Get Patients | National Directory of Physicians & Professionals

National Directory Profile For Physicians

JOIN TODAY … Get Found Tomorrow! SALE: Only $59.95/yr (40% off) — Reg. $99.95

Join Today for 40% off -- Only $59.95 ./year.

Join Today for 40% off — Only $59.95 ./year.

Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) and our sister publication, The Direct Primary Care Journal, have been recognized both nationally and internationally as the most popular web sites in the industry for people (e.g. new patients) searching for a Concierge Doctor or Direct Primary Care Practice in their local area.

With thousands of unique visitors every month, has become the leading digital resource for timely, trusted health news and concierge medical information. We’re proud of this distinction and as such, we’re offering doctors the opportunity to put their practice and contact information on our National Directory at CMT. Regularly $99.95, we’re offering you as a new physician to our Direction — 30% OFF the annual profile listing fee  — for only $59.95 for a full year. There’s no contracts and that’s less than $6.00 per month to have your practice contact information, telephone and web site listed on one of the most popular and widely searched concierge physician search engines.


docpreneur mp3Business | National | List | Resources

2014: Top 25 Best Cities For A Career In Concierge Medicine or Direct Primary Care

In recent years, significant venture capital has been poured into the concierge medicine and direct primary care marketplace. Investment groups are not only attracted to these transparent and innovative healthcare clinics but they see them as a viable investment for their clients. Where concierge medicine and direct primary care practices are struggling is in the ability to scale their business for mass-market, employer appeal.

But the future looks bright for those doctors considering a career in cash-only or retainer medicine. Large groups like MedLion, MDVIP, Qliance and One Medical are building and scaling successful medical practices across the country and in various parts of their home states that are attractive to investors like Cambia Health (a large Blue Shield company), Google Ventures, Proctor and Gamble, Benchmark Capital, DAG Ventures, Oak Investment Partners, Maverick Capital and others.

ACCESS LIST of CITIES NOW … (Free, of Course!)


Free eNEWS Subscription | Direct Primary Care Journal | Information | DPC Resources | Newspaper

Free DPC Journal eNews Subscription

direct care journalThe growing direct primary care [direct care] marketplace now has access to a media resource, public relations team and news reporting platform in the form of a free, direct care trade publication. The Direct Primary Care Journal (DPC Journal) is an independent online news reporting publication and trade journal utilizing experienced journalists and dedicated writers who will be covering all facets of the direct primary care [direct care] industry.

The DPC Journal works directly and indirectly with physicians, businesses and leaders, journalists and the media in the healthcare marketplace to help promote the distribution of news and information, policy initiatives and to reach out to physicians throughout the country.

SUBSCRIBE FREE Today … | Visit The DPC Journal Web Site …


DPC | InfoGraphic | Direct Primary Care | Business Model

WHITE PAPER: On Retainer: Direct Primary Care Practices Bypass Insurance

CAHF dpcAPRIL 2014; California Healthcare Foundation; Dave Chase

Direct primary care (DPC) is an emerging model that has gained some attention in California and nationally in recent years. Sometimes referred to as “retainer practices,” DPC practices generally do not accept health insurance, instead serving patients in exchange for a recurring monthly fee — usually $50 to $80 — for a defined set of clinical services.

This issue brief describes the landscape of DPC practices, which collectively have more than a half million people on their rolls. Five large practices that use the retainer model are highlighted in the issue brief. The patient rosters are estimations:

  • Iora Health, with 2,400 patients
  • MedLion, with 3,000 patients
  • Paladina Health, with 8,000 patients
  • Qliance, with 7,200 patients
  • White Glove Health, with 40,000 patients via self-insured employers and 450,000 via health plans

DPC providers help keep costs low by avoiding unnecessary referrals and by referring mainly to specialists willing to offer significant discounts. Despite this advantage, the DPC model may be hampered by low awareness among health plans and primary care physicians, resistance from some insurers, and resistance from competing hospitals and specialists.

The complete issue brief is available as a Document Download …


Expert Advice, Guidance and Resources.
Safe, Secure and Trusted.

We’ve found the brightest concierge medicine and direct primary care marketplace’s top-notch individuals, leaders and companies to help you in your practice — no matter what phase you’re in. Concierge Medicine Today’s Innovators Panel is not bought – it’s earned. We partner only with individuals and companies who hold themselves to a higher standard of excellence, have a proven track-record in the concierge medicine and direct primary care space and are passionate about making things happen and bringing ideas to execution for doctors and staff. In many ways, innovation is key to your success no matter where your medical practice is. The minute you stop innovating is the minute you become mediocre.

joinTypically, our Innovator’s Panel of services falls into one of 3 categories:  

  • Startup Experts … with experience in multiple start ups.
  • Industry Experts … individuals with a wealth of industry-specific experience.
  • Knowledge Experts … mentors with experience in a specific range of business skills (Legal, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, IT, Infrastructure, Operations, etc…)


Business | Physician | Start Up

Physician SELF-TEST:
Am I Ready To Be A Concierge or Direct-Pay Physician?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some litmus test that you could look at to determine whether or not concierge medicine or a cash-only style medical practice model was a good fit for you? Well, there is. For years, Concierge Medicine Today has been working with trusted industry professionals to tailor a simple questionnaire for physicians. Dependent upon your answers, you will be directed to a page that will provide you with a thorough analysis of why your practice may or may not be a good fit at this time to transition to a concierge medical practice model. If your practice does meet the criteria to be successful in this type of practice, your practice will be selected to receive a complimentary consultation and someone will be in contact with you shortly regarding the positive results of your survey and explain what your future options are within your practice.

Please Tell Me If My Practice Would Be A Good Fit For A Concierge Medical Practice Model.


41 Questions To Ask

NEW RESOURCE to help guide you through the decision-making and buying process of selecting your next concierge doctor.

NEW RESOURCE to help guide you through the decision-making and buying process of selecting your next concierge doctor.

Use these 41 questions to help guide you with the selection of a concierge doctor. These questions will help you feel more comfortable with your decision, examine various benefits and services offered by a concierge medicine practice and help ensure you find the right doctor for you, your family or your business. The concierge medicine and direct pay health care industry is just like any other industry — it has many success stories, but it also has a few stories of woe. When choosing a concierge doctor, there is an entirely set of new questions that you want to be sure you have answered for you and/or your family.

Click Here To Buy Now: Paperback … $9.95


Direct Primary Care | Business Model | AAFP | National

AAFP Policy on
Direct Primary Care

The AAFP has created a series of frequently asked questions to accompany the Academy’s newly created policy on direct primary care (DPC), a model in which practices charge patients a flat monthly or annual fee in exchange for access to a broad range of primary care services.

Download Here (FREE, of Course) …


RESEARCH | Independent | Universities | Studies | Polls | Surveys | Analysis

Research & Education:

concierge medicine collectiveThe Concierge Medicine Research Collective (The Collective) is a research and data depository created by Concierge Medicine Today, direct care medicine’s first concierge medicine news and reporting team. The Collective,  represents a group of professionals, physicians and health care consumers that are committed to education, awareness and showing the cost savings, value and various benefits that concierge medicine and direct-pay health care services across the U.S., Canada and abroad.

The Collective serves as an educational resource on all things concierge medicine and is geared towards those businesses, lobbyists, physician associations, health care advocacy groups and general consumers of healthcare who want to learn more about information available on the topic of concierge medicine.

The Collective works in partnership with Universities, physicians, associations, businesses, individuals and even Graduate medical Students to further advance the educational awareness and facts surrounding unanswered questions about concierge medicine care in the U.S. and Canada.

For more information, visit: or



Staffing Guide:

direct primary care staffAddressing the diverse hiring and staffing challenges of a concierge medicine office at all stages of your growth.

Authored By: Michael Tetreault | 37 Pages

When you hire someone for a role in your medical practice, you can’t forget that you’re also hiring him or her to be a brand ambassador. Their interactions with patients and local medical offices may sometimes be the only impression your practice will ever have to leave them with — so you must ensure it counts. Ultimately, every hire in the early stages of your practice should be just as invested and motivated about the success of your practice as you are. Because it not only impacts everyone’s future but also your practices’ survival.

PDF | $0.99 (+tax) Buy Now …


WHITE PAPER | Patient Education | Myths | About | Definitions | Concierge Medicine | Direct Primary Care | Cost | Services | Expectations

WHITE PAPER: Concierge Medicine 101 — What To Expect, Myths, Costs & Services plus, Locate A Doctor

cm101Concierge Medicine  is a new form of medicine in which doctors provide patients with 24/7 access. a private cell phone number, same-day appointments, visits that last as long as it takes to address your needs and varying other amenities. A concierge-style doctor becomes your singular source for all things medical. Essentially, your very own physician becomes a trusted friend, advocate and is fully prepared to help you navigate the complex healthcare system. In the event of emergencies, hospital care is closely monitored, and specialists are personally briefed and debriefed by your physician. Learn quickly, everything you need to know about this old-fashioned form of healthcare delivery, from costs, myths, service you can expect and more.

Download WHITE PAPER Now …

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