TREND: Office Space Improvements.

Poll: What Office Space Improvements Are Added For Concierge-Style Patients?

April 19, 2013 –  A few years back we conducted a survey to find out what concierge doctors and direct pay physicians did after they converted their practice to a new payment model. We found that the large majority (88%) of concierge medicine and direct primary care doctors did make what they termed ‘significant changes inside their practice’ to improve patient care. At the time, we found that approximately 10% of doctors reduced staff and 2% moved to a new office location entirely. Source: Concierge Medicine Today, © 2009-2013

This week, we felt it was time to find out what exactly concierge medicine and direct primary care doctors are improving inside their practice. We found that in most places, these changes were modest but recognized and enjoyed by both the patients and staff alike.

After Converting Your Traditional Medical Practice To A Concierge/Direct-Pay Medical Practice, What Was The First Thing You Changed Inside Your Practice?

18% – New Signage.
17% – Added Coffee and Light Refreshment Service Area.
9% –  Added Flat Screen TV To The Lobby.
7% – We Moved.
15% – Redecorated Entire Office/Practice.
9% – Added New Furniture.
6% – Converted Waiting Room Into Lobby.
1% – Bought New Diagnostic Machines & Lab Equipment.
3% – Returned Unused Diagnostic & Lab Equipment.
14% – Reduced Staff.
0% – Increased Staff.

Source: The Concierge Medicine Research Collective and Concierge Medicine Today, © 2013.
All Rights Reserved.

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