ANALYSIS: Monthly Fees Inside Concierge/DPC Clinics

By The Concierge Medicine Research Collective

APRIl 12, 2013 – An independent analysis of concierge medicine and direct pay primary care practices across the U.S. from 2009 to 2012 show that over 60% of patients using this form of healthcare is costing them less than $135 per month. Compare that to the insurance premiums of large health plan carriers and the savings are monumental. Concierge medicine, therefore, is just one of the new ways to inspire hope in difficult economic times and hopefully can provide you with a solution to your current healthcare expenses and dilemmas.

“People want ‘the deal,'” says one concierge physician. “We, the doctors, must be the first one to the market to be honest with their customer…we need to take the first step. For too long we’ve waited. Decades in-fact, for insurance companies and managed care organizations to provide some form of user-friendly price transparency. It just hasn’t happened. It’s simply become to complicated, until now.”

In the coming weeks and months we are going to read and the world is going to watch and learn a lot more about the impact of Obamacare across America. Many people have asked what the re-election of President Obama and the full implementation of PPACA [Obamacare] will have on concierge medicine. We asked several of the industry’s news makers and leaders in the medical profession their opinion on the long-term impact. We also turned to our Canadian readers and Canadian “concierge” physicians for their opinion — as Canada already has a nationalized healthcare system. You will hear some of these opinions and truths in the upcoming chapters to follow.

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